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Check out this 360 view of a couple of our theme rooms
Take a journey through time and explore our various theme rooms. Start your tour among Indian artifacts and buffalo herds. View our bison skull dating back thousands of years, and our large collection of arrowheads and other tools. Next, stroll through the General Store to see old peanut butter cans, tobacco tins, and soda bottles. Listen to the gramophone as it plays records from the past. Give yourself a weigh on our scale – it only costs a penny!

From there, you will find yourself in the Summer Kitchen, the hub of the olden day home. View the wood stove, old washing tubs, and other kitchen items. Remember the days when horses were our means of transportation as you move into the Stables. Admire the cutter and buggy and other horse tack. Notice the glass milk bottles and big cheese cutter in the Creamery. In the Agricultural Room, walk amongst the Massey Harris tractor, the old fashioned lawnmowers, and other machinery from the early 1900's.

Next, make your way through the Military Display upstairs and view items from soldiers who called Binscarth home. Move through the Railway display and Sewing Room into the Church. Marvel at the pump organ and the Bibles, all of which are over a century old.

In the Kitchen and Bedroom are various household items, such as delicate China dishes, an old fashioned toaster, old jewellery boxes, and a baby bassinet. The Living Room houses several antique typewriters and flash cameras.

Then, take a seat in the olden day one room School and flip through old textbooks and children’s books. Finally, finish your journey viewing photos and trophies of past sports team of Binscarth in the Sports Room. Check out the old uniforms and sports equipment.

Thanks for visiting! When you finish your tour, be sure to sign the guestbook!
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