Municipality Of Russell Binscarth Sports Betting

Welcome to the website of Municipality of Russell Binscarth, where we value hard work, positive energy and nice people. This is why, in the town of Russell Manitoba, you can find the famous mini homes of Manitoba, the joy of different activities and always a friendly face on the streets. We take pride in being what we are, so we are sharing the news and events with the rest of the world.

Here, at Binscarth MB you can find the latest news about Manitoba mini homes, the activities and events that we are having as well as the options and possibilities for locals and visitors. Make sure to drop by at Binscarth MB whenever you want to get the latest local news, and let Binscarth MB be your trusty guide through the town of Russell Manitoba.

A Small Village Packed With Activities

The Municipality of Russell Binscarth is a small village without a large population, situated along the Yellowhead Highway about 12 km, from the Saskatchewan border. The best thing about the Municipality of Russell Binscarth is that it has a very large spruce of trees around the village, which is overall located in the heart of an agriculture district. There are two, large terminal elevators and the south and the north side of our town, ensuring that anyone who wants to get a picturesque view will have a chance to do so.

The Municipality of Russell Binscarth although small, has churches, a library, a nine-hole golf course, K-* school skating and curling rinks, theatre, restaurants a recycling program and a lot of businesses too. Besides these, the locals are very proud of their clubs, lodges and the organized committees within the village.

There are many things to do, and the community’s spirit speaks for it. The Municipality of Binscarth also received an honor of being the “Best Place to Raise a Family” in 1999 by a lifestyle newspaper, and it receives constant national and provincial recognition.

The Perfect Space for Outdoors Sports

When it comes to outdoor sports, Binscarth is the name of the game. There are many fun and challenging hiking trails and activities that anyone can take part in, regardless of their age or preparedness to do so. The local government also supports such activities which is why it takes part in actively supporting people and enabling them the space to practice by renting out the golf course, the beach volleyball court, the school skating rink and the horseshoe pits.

So, any young or ambitious person who wants to take part in different outdoor activities can take part in numerous different types of activities. From Art in the part, to baseball, paintball, volleyball, golf, skating, curling or even acting – the local government provides all means for doing so.

Paintball Tournaments and Leagues

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The Pitts

The Pitts are the location for everything that requires some adrenaline – including the aforementioned paintball. There is more than 11km of trails and motocross track, farmers’ fields, gravel pit, deep valleys and more than 3200 feet of beach with water-front sand for your entertainment and excitement. It is the ultimate location for dirt-biking, paintball, camping and trail riding that will ensure that you have the best time of your life, all while being safe and under the supervision of a professional team.