Curling club

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Curling has been a recreational activity for many years in the Binscarth Area.

Early records show the sport of curling began in the late eighteen hundreds. In 1899 there were six rinks curling. The ice surface was shared with the skaters and hockey players. The club ordered several sets of curling rocks, however, it was the custom for each curler to purchase their own set of rocks. The rocks were stored in a wooden box and transported from rink to rink along with the curling teams.

Binscarth’s first rink blew down. Prior to World War I a new rink was built on the north end of town. Hockey, skating, and curling shared this facility.

On June 29th 1932 a tornado came, devastating the north west side of the village and taking down the rink with it!

In the fall of 1933, during the space of two months a new rink was erected. The new rink’s design consisted of a skating area with a sheet of curling ice on the side. In 1944 another sheet of curling ice was built on the other side of the arena. Curlers had to watch for flying pucks if there was a hockey game or practice. Music for the skaters also serenaded the curlers. This rink still stands on its original location. It is used for skating.

The present curling rink was built in 1974. The rink consists of 4 sheets of artificial ice, a large waiting room, washrooms, kitchen, and a bar. Young and old gather here each winter to play “the roaring game”.

Bonspiel’s are held sometime in December, January, and February.