Paintball Tournaments and Leagues

Paintball is a relatively young sport, began to be practiced as such only from the decade of the eighties, but has experienced a boom very significant in all the world, and today there are a few that have never heard of it and, increasingly, those who dare to try it.

Many say paintball is addictive, and they may not lack reason. You get a lot of adrenaline in every game and practiced among friends the fun is assured, maybe that’s why everyone you try ends up repeating!

With the increase in success and the people who join in practicing it, a real industry has been born around it, and a multitude of products have been marketed to improve the experiences in the game. It is vital to equip yourself well, and for this, there are specialized websites, where we can inform ourselves about everything necessary to practice paintball and buy what we need.

When you reach a certain level in paintball, the games between friends may know us little by little and start to sting our curiosity and want to find out how good we are playing, and that can only be discovered by competing against other people.

To fulfill this need, a multitude of tournaments began to emerge, first at the local level, but little by little the circle has spread and has reached the celebration of competitions at the national and even world level. The best paintball players in the world gather and a large fair for the sale of items related to the world of this sport is set up. The large companies in the sector expose their products to make them known and obtain great publicity. Due to this commercial interest they often promote these tournaments and facilitate the prizes and rewards of the winners.

Here you have the world’s most essential paintball championships:

  1. South American Paintball Championship, which usually takes place in the xball mode, and in three calibers; beginners, open and Pro. It usually takes place in March.
  2. World Cup PSP – The biggest tournament in the world of paintball is without a doubt the World Cup PSP, that is the tournament that brings together the best players in the world of paintball by countries, a real delight for paintball fans, you cannot miss any of their videos, short films of games that make the hair stand up! PSP is the most important circuit in the United States, but the most popular is the last date held each year in October, and in 2010 the champions were a Russian team called Russian Legion. Also participating were South American groups, including the Venezuelan Fusion team obtaining the gold in Division 2 and the team LOD (Legion of Doom), which is an Argentine team and were placed at Number 23 in their category.
  3. The European Paintball Championship is another of the most important turning points in the paintball world and in 2009, Spain, specifically, Malaga, hosted this championship and its paintball facilities and was a real organizational success.