#13 – in recognition of Phil Deschambault

Phil Deschambault grew up in the St. Lazare, Binscarth, Russell area. He lived in Binscarth, attending school at Binscarth until Grade 9 when he attended Major Pratt Collegiate in Russell. While growing up he developed his passion for music, began writing and studied guitar. He also formed a band with friends who shared his love of music.

After graduation he moved to Winnipeg, establishing his reputation as a singer/songwriter, and guitarist in numerous bands.

Phil’s career began as a songwriter. Some of his accomplishments include:

A Song for the history channel’s documentary “The true story of Che Guevara”
– A shared project of a musical for the 100th anniversary of Balmoural Hall private school.
– Songs for the films “The year of getting to know us”, “The Hottie and the Nottie” a Paris Hilton movie, “Centre Stage”, and “Clown at Midnight”
– He has done incredible work for Vapor Music, Second Spring Music, Emi Publishing, Purple Films, A&E;, Hollowstone Music, and Sony Entertainment.

In 2004 Phil teamed up with Ash Koley, an artist that complimented his style and vision. Together they have written many songs. The most popular one to date is “Don’t let your feet touch ground”. It was used as a theme music for the 2010 Olympics, Lotto 649 and UK lotto, Blackberry, Tommy Hilfiger, on the lobby soundtrack of Westin chain of Hotels, and GMC Trucks commercials. The song was also used for the television show “So you think you can dance USA.”

Other songs have been heard in the television show, Grey’s Anatomy, and Brothers and Sisters. Phil’s song “Brighter at Night” was used for Global TV.

Under Glen Willows, founder of Burning Circus Management Phil and Ash Koley began to market demos under the band name, Ash Koley. In 2008 Phil signed with the music industry giant EMI. The demos also received the attention of Network Records CEO Terry McBride, who has managed the careers of Avril Lavigne, Sarah Maclauglin, and Barenaked Ladies. The duo was signed in 2009.

Phil works out of Empire Recording in Winnipeg. The song “Don’t let your feet touch ground” hit the top 20 in radio play in May 2010. Phil and Ash Koley have released their first album “Invventions” world wide.

On March 11, 2011 Ash Koley, the duo, won “Best new group or solo artist of the year”, at the Canadian music radio awards, for “Don’t let your feet touch ground.”

Phil is also a music producer, who works under his business name Bockstael music. He has worked with countless artists, including Heather Longstaffe, Tracy Bone, Bryce Palister, Jordon Leech, and “Michou”, to mention a few. He has mentored many artists including Jaylene Johnson and is a highly valued contributor at writing camps.

As an artist he is an accomplished musician playing several instruments including keyboard and guitar. Although songwriting is Phil’s first love, he is a fine concert performer.

Phil’s bio is a work in progress.