#3 – Green Ash – in recognition of Robert Kelly

Bob, born in in 1936 is the son of Isla David Kelly Gray, stepson of George Gray, brother of Glenda cook. Bob quit school at 14 and this his adventure began. His lesson in life took many directions; an assistant Lab Technician at Manitoba Medical College, caring for and riding horses at R.J. Speers Race horse farm at Carberry, a waiter, busboy, a salesman, farm hand, and at 17 a towerman, leverman for the

In 1956 he entered the RCAF where he received direction, discipline and the formal education he needed. At Carlton University he received an honors degree in Political Science. He served as a diplomat in several
countries. He served as an assistant to Jean Luc Pepi, Liberal Cabinet Minister, which led to an international trading and project company, which did business in over 60 countries.

In 1996 his solo Kayak journey began as therapy for a leg problem. The trip was completed in two sections: Ottawa east and after his wife’s untimely death, he completed the cross country trip west in 1997.

He is believed to be the only person to have Sea Kayaked solo across Canada. This trip is the subject of his book “Solo” a wonderful read.

Besides his adventure he has served numerous times as a volunteer, building such things as schools, medical clinics, in places like Slovakia, Hungary, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Peru and Costa Rica. He has supervised a school building for the Japanese embassy and one for the British embassy. Bob is now busy writing his memoirs.