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Things to Do in the village Binscarth, Canada

Binscarth is a former village in Manitoba, surrounded by the municipality of Russell-Binscarth. The population was 425 in 2011. The city is located approximately 167 kilometers northwest of Brandon and 16 kilometers south of Russell. It is 2,000 km west of the capital, Ottawa.

Binscarth is located 528 meters above sea level, and the population is 425.

The terrain around Binscarth is flat. The highest point nearby is 539 meters above sea level, 1.1 km northeast of Binscarth. The area around Binscarth is close enough unpopulated, with less than two inhabitants per square kilometer. The nearest significant community is Russell, 17.1 km north of Binscarth.

The Village Binscarth is located along the Highway Yellowhead, in Canada which is only 12 km far away from the Saskatchewan border. This small village is situated in the middle of an agricultural area, and the reason for the fresh air you feel, are those gigantic trees that surround the whole town. On both sides of the village, the north and south side, two substantial terminal elevators create a perfect picturesque view, especially when it comes to sunsets or sunrises.

If you are traveling around and you are passing through the Binscarth Village, make a short break, you won’t regret it. Here you can find churches, a school, a large museum, a large community center, a theatre, and an excellent library. When it comes to sports, the Binscarth Village can offer you a nine-hole golf course, skating and curling rinks. It is a small village with several businesses, and the most important here you can find a recycling program. There is a variety of clubs, restaurants, and lodges.

If you visit the village in the summertime, you should know that the range of activities expands. Only 2km south of the town, there is a Park & Pool, located in the Silver Creek Valley. Along the Yellow Highway 16, there is also located the largest pool in a scenic park that has a challenging hiking trail, horseshoe pits, mini golf course, many serviced sites, and a fantastic beach volley area.

The Binscarth Village has a long history, and many of the homes are dating from early 1900, but there are also many new modern houses, intermixed with the old ones. The residents are very proud of their property, they have a wide range of community spirit, and they are very friendly to new people.

This small village is proud because, in 1999, it was awarded by a Canadian magazine for the “Best place where you can raise a family.” That is not all. The village has received provincial and also national recognition for winning Communities in Bloom.

We hope that you will have a great time and enjoy the fresh air during your stay in the village.